Eshop Development


High Standards Websites

With an ever-growing customer base, VDesigns promises to support your idea by creating user-friendly websites, with modern design and guaranteed results.

E-Shop Characteristics

Every E-shop we design fully brings out your company’s brand, the type of products or services offered and a well rounded feature for each individual product, weighing their unique characteristics so as to stand out from potential competitors and adding a special identity to each. User friendly navigation, simple user interfaces and guaranteed high level (quality?) design end up providing our clients with a pleasant experience.

We are aware of the importance the graphical interface is to a website and we make sure and the emphasis needed on designing it.

Our websites are in line with modern design trends, yet maintain an easy to navigate user interface, an aspect that adds up a lot to the functionality and traffic a website has.

We add your products in your e-shop depending on your needs.

Beyond designing the e-shop, we pay special attention to promoting your products, making them look as appealing as possible and thus adding to their value.

Costs calculation, such as shipping, tax and commission ( either percentages or fixed prices) are calculated automatically depending on your needs and can be adjusted for your requirements.

Any e-shop we create has the ability of reviewing the traffic that has been at your e-shop via detailed visitor logs in Google Analytics.

You also have the capability of looking up by what search your visitors found your site, as well as the views of each of your products.